Mochi Waffles

Traditionally, mochi is made by pounding cooked brown rice until all the individual grains are broken down into a sticky paste. Then, it is eaten fresh or dried into cakes for later use. When I first learned to make mochi waffles, I was taught to grate the hard, dried mochi and spread the flakes onto the waffle iron. This was tedious business. Then one day a friend showed me how to use slices of mochi. Wow! Now these are the easiest waffles ever!

I have only ever made these waffles with Grainaissance Mochi. If anyone has experience with other mochi, I would love to hear the results. I also use a traditional waffle iron, not the one that makes Belgian Waffles.

1.  Heat your waffle iron until the green indicator light is on. If your waffle iron has different temperature settings, it may take a few tries to find the ideal setting.

2.  Cut the mochi into 1/4″ thin strips.

3.  Lay the mochi in a single layer across the iron. Close the lid. In my experience the indicator light is not useful for telling when the waffle is done. I just open the top after several minutes and check to see if the waffle is puffy and crisp on the outside.

4.  The waffles are super hot when they are first done. So, be cautious. They are also best eaten fairly soon, because as mochi cools the texture is not as soft.

5.  Delicious served with homemade applesauce,sweet vegetable jam or apple butter. Suzanne’s also has a maple sweetened brown rice syrup.

2 thoughts on “Mochi Waffles

  1. No kidding! I would never have thought to try that. My kids love mochi and waffles so this is going to be a VERY popular combination. Maybe I’ll even make them a bit of butternut squash jam to go along. 🙂

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