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Two Winter Squash Recipes from Rosalie

Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Pudding

Yum!! I don’t usually do a post straight from another blog, but when Rosalie of The Joyful Pantry posted this super fun and delicious recipe for Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Pudding about a month ago, I knew it was a winner, both for me and possibly every child I have ever cooked for. I love those recipes that are healthy enough for breakfast and can also double as dessert!

First, I tried it her way for my teen friend Emily. I think I tried the pumpkin pudding version, but both versions are very similar. The only thing I changed was to replace the agave nectar with maple syrup. Plus I used thick rolled oats. I fell in love with it.IMG_20121130_142635

Then, of course, I got the idea to try it with whole oats in an overnight kind of version. I knew it would be great. I brought 1/2 cup whole oats to a boil in 3/4 cup water, turned off the burner and let it sit overnight. Then I added 1/2 cup of these soaked oats, strained, to the recipe in place of the rolled oats. You can add water to the remaining oats and continue to cook until you have a nice stove top porridge.

All the credit goes to Rosalie. If you haven’t checked out her blog, she is the person responsible for throwing white beans into her Decadent Mint Chocolate Truffles for the Virtual Vegan Potluck Fall 2012. Brilliant!

Savory Bread Pudding with Squash and Sage

This Savory Bread Pudding from Rosalie is a winner, too! It tastes like a creamy stuffing. Delicious. I used local Breadfarm bread and unsweetened Pacific oat milk. The white beans add an extra element of creaminess. I also baked the bread pudding in the same cast iron skillet I used to sauté the onions, saving an extra step. IMG_20121208_101243IMG_20121208_105231

One thought on “Two Winter Squash Recipes from Rosalie

  1. Wow! Thanks Teresa! I’m flattered. Great idea cooking the oats ahead of time, and I love a stovetop version, too. It’s too hard to wait for something to cook most mornings for me. I actually whipped out some pumpkin this morning to make my gingerbread pumpkin muffins so it was funny running into this today!

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