One of the things I love about fresh berries is that they add an element of playfulness and delight to almost everything. We have eaten this combination of fried mochi, almond amasake and sliced strawberries every day for a few days. It’s a really simple and cute dessert that tastes like summer. I am looking forward to trying it with raspberries next month.

I used dried mochi for this recipe. I cut 8 small cubes per serving, about 3/4″ square per cube. If you are using another type of mochi, just use your best judgement. I think fresh mochi will work because it can be fried and will puff up, but I haven’t used it to know for sure.

Strawberry Mochi “Shortcake”

Amounts are per serving:
small amount of a neutral flavor high-heat oil for frying
8 small cubes plain mochi
4 fresh, ripe strawberries
2-3 Tbsp amasake if you can find it, or just use some coconut milk

1.  Heat a skillet on low medium and then add a few tsp oil. Add the mochi when one piece sizzles slightly when added. When adding the mochi make sure you leave a little room between pieces. Let them fry without moving them. Cover.

2.  Check mochi after a few minutes. Turn them over when they come away from the skillet easily and have browned a bit on the bottom. Cover. Keep checking the mochi every few minutes, turning them to a new side when the skillet side is light brown. Remove from heat when the mochi are soft and have puffed up a bit.

3.  While the mochi is cooking, wash and slice the strawberries. Lay half of the strawberries in a dish. Place the mochi on top. Add the rest of the strawberries and Drizzle the amasake on top. Enjoy!

Let small children know to be careful with the hot mochi. It is sticky and can retain heat for a little while.