Some of you may already know that I have two blogs. Sweetveg is my macrobiotic and spiritual living blog. Littleveg, as you may have guessed, has a child and family focus.

I post recipes on both sites and often there is overlap. Children love a lot of the recipes over there, too. That’s one reason I have the recipe index that combines all recipes from both blogs. I don’t want you to miss any.

Today is a review of dessert recipes from sweetveg just because they are good and healthy and deserve a little attention.

Couscous Cake with Berry Topping:  A couscous base sweetened with apple juice and topped with a delicious berry sauce.

Amasake Pudding:  A creamy pudding sweetened with amasake, a fermented rice drink, and a little brown rice syrup.

Fruit Kanten:  A jello-like dessert using agar to thicken apple juice and studded throughout with berries or your choice of fresh fruit.

Lemon Pudding:  A light pudding sweetened with brown rice syrup and apple juice.