Healthy Desserts from sweetveg – Vegan MoFo

Some of you may already know that I have two blogs. Sweetveg is my macrobiotic and spiritual living blog. Littleveg, as you may have guessed, has a child and family focus.

I post recipes on both sites and often there is overlap. Children love a lot of the recipes over there, too. That’s one reason I have the recipe index that combines all recipes from both blogs. I don’t want you to miss any.IMG_20130729_142607

Today is a review of dessert recipes from sweetveg just because they are good and healthy and deserve a little attention. Continue reading

Apple and Walnut Pie – Vegan MoFo

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and the varieties of fruit grown here are my favorites. All sorts of berries, cherries, pears, peaches and plums. All I can say is yum! Cooked apples remind me of my childhood. We had several different apple trees in our back yard, including Gravenstein. My mom could make the kind of apple pie that everyone raved about.

This is not her pie. I just want to make that clear. But, I know she would still love it. In fact, I think I will make this one for our next family gathering. It’s perfectly sweetened with maple syrup and has a walnut crust. I like my apples soft but firm and a little crunch in the crust. That’s my idea of perfection.


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Battered Apple Rings – Vegan MoFo

I am going to switch gears halfway through our month of Vegan MoFo. From here on out I am going to provide you with an assortment of easy desserts using minimally refined sweeteners, starting with this gem:  Battered Apple Rings.IMG_20130915_121736

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Carrot and Currant Rice Pudding – Vegan MoFo

Recipes that use up leftover grains are super helpful when you are trying to feed your family a predominately whole grain and vegetable diet. I often make extra rice just so I can make rice pudding. This one sneaks in a vegetable as well. Continue reading

Strawberry Mochi “Shortcake”

IMG_20130530_152105One of the things I love about fresh berries is that they add an element of playfulness and delight to almost everything. We have eaten this combination of fried mochi, almond amasake and sliced strawberries every day for a few days. It’s a really simple and cute dessert that tastes like summer. I am looking forward to trying it with raspberries next month. Continue reading