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Olivia’s Summer Salad

My niece Olivia loves to cook. Two of her favorite things to make are nori rolls and fresh salad rolls. We spent time together last week and she made this lovely salad. I was voting for trying to make a smashed raspberry and balsamic vinaigrette, but Olivia's favorite salad dressing is ranch. I made a… Continue reading Olivia’s Summer Salad

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Veggie Moon Rolls

When these super cute veggie rolls showed up on my front porch┬álast week, I knew they would be a hit with the finger food set. They are small enough to fit in tiny mouths in one bite and tender enough that they are easy to chew. I have found this to be important when serving… Continue reading Veggie Moon Rolls

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Beet Ketchup

I wrote this recipe over three years ago for a cooking class. I had recently been spending time with a child who would eat anything as long as I put ketchup on it. I am sure some of you know one or two of these! Sometimes you can use a food a child already loves… Continue reading Beet Ketchup

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Roasted Vegetable Spread with Miso

Most of my cooking is intuitive, but when I need some inspiration I am very predictable. I usually go to one of my two favorite cookbooks. This recipe is inspired by one in The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen by Peter Berley. I have made quite a few changes to the recipe, but the idea is the… Continue reading Roasted Vegetable Spread with Miso

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Collard Green Roll-Ups

Some of you may be a little skeptical that children could like collard greens wrapped around a filling. I admit that I was a little doubtful when I made these for two sisters several years ago. I was trying to find ways for them to eat more vegetables. I am not sure how this actually… Continue reading Collard Green Roll-Ups