Lentil and Corn Salad with Ginger Lime Dressing

I will choose a bean or lentil salad over a grain salad any day.

Make extra beans or lentils. Serve half with dinner and make the rest into a salad for the next few days. There are as many different dressings as there are salads. This one is different from the lemon based one I use here and received rave reviews from my meal trade partner and the two-year old I shared it with the next day.

To get ginger juice, grate a knob of unpeeled ginger on a microplane zester or ginger grater. Then, gather the pulp and squeeze to get the juice. I love using this method to add a little ginger right before serving dishes such as kinpira or creamy carrot soup.


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Veggie Moon Rolls

When these super cute veggie rolls showed up on my front porch last week, I knew they would be a hit with the finger food set. They are small enough to fit in tiny mouths in one bite and tender enough that they are easy to chew. I have found this to be important when serving greens to young children.

IMG_20130117_152025The technique is similar to rolling up nori rolls and it’s definitely helpful to have a sushi rolling mat. Continue reading

Beet Ketchup

I wrote this recipe over three years ago for a cooking class. I had recently been spending time with a child who would eat anything as long as I put ketchup on it. I am sure some of you know one or two of these!

Sometimes you can use a food a child already loves to help them try a new food. This child would eat any whole grain, and a fair amount of vegetables, as long as it had ketchup. However, ketchup is usually loaded with sugar. I developed this recipe at the last minute for the class both to introduce a new vegetable and to reduce the added sugar, but had never tested it on an actual child. Just on myself.

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Brown Rice and Pinto Bean Patties

I believe that you can never have enough finger food recipes in your back pocket. Especially those ones that conveniently use up leftovers.

This recipe uses leftover pressure cooked rice and beans, so the texture is soft and the beans and rice are already cohesive. A shortcut to making a patty that holds together without egg. Yay!IMG_20121217_151310

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Simple Barley Soup

Waldorf kindergartens throughout the United States serve a version of this soup weekly. Imagine that many children sitting down to warm bowls of nourishment. We have enjoyed this soup regularly for at least 12 years. It always brings back memories of kindergarten. Continue reading