Veggie Moon Rolls

When these super cute veggie rolls showed up on my front porch last week, I knew they would be a hit with the finger food set. They are small enough to fit in tiny mouths in one bite and tender enough that they are easy to chew. I have found this to be important when serving greens to young children.

IMG_20130117_152025The technique is similar to rolling up nori rolls and it’s definitely helpful to have a sushi rolling mat. Continue reading

Quick Brussel Sprouts with Fennel

Brussel sprouts are not a vegetable that I would expect children to like, but in my experience it’s actually been mostly well received. Children are sure unpredictable. I am not sure why brussel sprouts have such a dismal reputation. I think they are pretty cute and mighty tasty. Choose brussel sprouts that are either still attached to the stem or that look pretty fresh at the spot where they were cut from the stem.

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Lemon Kale Recipe with Currants

A mother I worked for several years ago found this recipe for kale on the Cooking Light website. I have made a few changes and it has become a consistent favorite for both children and adults. I have replaced the raisins with a smaller amount of currants to reduce the sugar content. They still add an element of sweetness.

I like to use the whole leaf and stem as much as I can when cooking greens. The stem adds a lot nutritionally and cutting it into small pieces makes it a lot more tender.

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