Lentil and Rice Balls

Children love to eat things that they can pick up and eat easily. This mixture of red lentils and rice can be made into balls or patties and either fried or baked. I usually bake them when I don’t have the time to stand over the stove, but frying gives them a nice crispiness and a bit more flavor. Continue reading

Millet with Cauliflower

In my experience millet takes a little coaxing to bring out it’s many wonderful qualities. There are two ways that I really like it. The first is when it is cooked with a lot of water yielding a creamy consistency, such as this recipe or millet with sweet vegetable. The other way I like it is sautéed in olive oil and then cooked as a pilaf on its own or with other grains. Millet can have a tendency to be dry when not cooked well, so if you haven’t liked it in the past I suggest trying different recipes.

This recipe is an excellent way to sneak some vegetables in under the wary eye of abstainers. The white cauliflower disappears in the millet. It’s not an insubstantial amount, either.

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Sauteed Red Cabbage and Currants

Cabbage can outlast most other vegetables in the fridge, so it’s not surprising that a few of my quick and easy standbys showcase this super versatile vegetable. This simple dish is beautiful, thanks in part to the red cabbage. Children love the sweetness and crunch, and adding a handful of currants makes it even more appealing.

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Carrot and Currant Salad Recipe

I feel silly sometimes, posting such simple recipes. But, honestly, my goal is to get more vegetables into those little bellies every single time they sit down to eat. Sometimes we really have only one minute to make something to add to a meal or for a snack. Continue reading

Spring Vegetable Soup Recipe

Spring is such a great time for super fun vegetables like sugar snap peas and asparagus and here is a soup that can be ready super quick. If you prepare the vegetables in advance this soup can be ready five minutes after the water comes to a boil! All the vegetables cook in the same amount of time and the result is a fresh and light spring soup. Continue reading