Beet Ketchup

I wrote this recipe over three years ago for a cooking class. I had recently been spending time with a child who would eat anything as long as I put ketchup on it. I am sure some of you know one or two of these!

Sometimes you can use a food a child already loves to help them try a new food. This child would eat any whole grain, and a fair amount of vegetables, as long as it had ketchup. However, ketchup is usually loaded with sugar. I developed this recipe at the last minute for the class both to introduce a new vegetable and to reduce the added sugar, but had never tested it on an actual child. Just on myself.

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Innocent Little Heart Cookie

Who would think that such a cute little cookie could provide so much angst?

I thought it would be fun to make some almond cookies in the shape of hearts for a certain holiday. These cookies were dairy and egg-free, sweetened with maple and brown rice syrup, and made with whole wheat flour. Without a doubt, healthier than what could be purchased down the street. The cookie making was fun. After the cookies came out of the oven we had one for an afternoon snack. The young child I care for eats a varied diet, but a limited amount of refined sweeteners and baked flour products. Within ten minutes she was screaming for more as if her world was about to end. Continue reading

Mochi Waffles

Traditionally, mochi is made by pounding cooked brown rice until all the individual grains are broken down into a sticky paste. Then, it is eaten fresh or dried into cakes for later use. When I first learned to make mochi waffles, I was taught to grate the hard, dried mochi and spread the flakes onto the waffle iron. The mochi is very hard and this was tedious business. Then one day a friend showed me how to use slices of mochi. Wow! Now these are the easiest waffles ever! Continue reading

Sweet Potato Pudding Recipe

Developed by one of my teachers, David Briscoe, at Macrobiotics America, this recipe has become a standard. His Lemony Apple Pudding is delicious as well.

You can use the lighter colored sweet potato, but I like to use the reddish orange type (commonly called yams in most grocery stores). I think it is a little sweeter and a pretty color. Continue reading

Sweet Vegetable Jam Recipe

The sweetness that comes from good quality vegetables is much more balancing and nourishing for our bodies and more stabilizing for blood sugar than refined sweeteners and fruit. This recipe is for a slow cooked and pureed vegetable spread that can be used as a vegetable alternative to fruit spreads. I love it on steamed bread and morning porridge and I am sure you will find many different uses. When you first try it, don’t expect it to taste like traditional jam. Find ways to incorporate it into your diet and let it do its magic.

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