Cucumber Salad

I have found cucumber to be hit and miss with some children. Leave the skin on? Take the skin off? Sometimes it can make a big difference to them.

For this recipe, I have cut the cucumber into thin rounds, but try any shape you think they are most likely to eat. For example, one child I know will eat the peel on cucumber cubes, but not slices. Who knows why these things make such a difference, but so often with children, it’s the texture that gets in the way of enjoying a particular food. Continue reading

Millet with Cauliflower

In my experience millet takes a little coaxing to bring out it’s many wonderful qualities. There are two ways that I really like it. The first is when it is cooked with a lot of water yielding a creamy consistency, such as this recipe or millet with sweet vegetable. The other way I like it is sautéed in olive oil and then cooked as a pilaf on its own or with other grains. Millet can have a tendency to be dry when not cooked well, so if you haven’t liked it in the past I suggest trying different recipes.

This recipe is an excellent way to sneak some vegetables in under the wary eye of abstainers. The white cauliflower disappears in the millet. It’s not an insubstantial amount, either.

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Carrot and Currant Salad Recipe

I feel silly sometimes, posting such simple recipes. But, honestly, my goal is to get more vegetables into those little bellies every single time they sit down to eat. Sometimes we really have only one minute to make something to add to a meal or for a snack. Continue reading

Sauteed Broccoli Recipe

This recipe is super simple. I didn’t know until recently that sautéing vegetables lightly in oil can increase absorption of fat-soluble minerals and vitamins, like calcium. Kale, collard greens, brussel sprouts, and cabbage can all be substituted for the broccoli in this recipe. Adding a little water near the end helps steam the vegetables a bit so they are a little softer for young children. Skip this step if it isn’t necessary.

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Squash, Carrot and Onion – Nishime Style

Nishime style cooking is basically slow cooked vegetables in a very small amount of water. As the vegetables start cooking they release their own juices and when done they are tender and sweet. This dish can be made with a variety of vegetables. I tend to make it with root vegetables, but it can be used with a variety of different vegetables. Just use a shorter cooking time if using lighter summer vegetables like summer squash. Continue reading