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Millet with Sweet Vegetable Soup

I usually prepare a soup every day. Eaten at the beginning of a meal, it's a wonderful way to get our digestive juices flowing, our tummies warmed up and prepared for the rest of the meal. Millet with sweet vegetable soup can be prepared with quinoa or rice as well. Use any of the sweet… Continue reading Millet with Sweet Vegetable Soup

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Veggie Moon Rolls

When these super cute veggie rolls showed up on my front porch¬†last week, I knew they would be a hit with the finger food set. They are small enough to fit in tiny mouths in one bite and tender enough that they are easy to chew. I have found this to be important when serving… Continue reading Veggie Moon Rolls

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Two Winter Squash Recipes from Rosalie

Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Pudding Yum!! I don't usually do a post straight from another blog, but when Rosalie of The Joyful Pantry posted this super fun and delicious recipe for Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Pudding about a month ago, I knew it was a winner, both for me and possibly every child I have ever cooked… Continue reading Two Winter Squash Recipes from Rosalie

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Cucumber Salad

I have found cucumber to be hit and miss with some children. Leave the skin on? Take the skin off? Sometimes it can make a big difference to them. For this recipe, I have cut the cucumber into thin rounds, but try any shape you think they are most likely to eat.¬†For example, one child… Continue reading Cucumber Salad

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Tofu Cabbage Pockets

Here is another recipe for children to help make. We had a lot of fun wrapping the cabbage around the tofu and securing with the toothpick. They're also pretty cute when finished. I got the idea for this recipe from the Mitoku website. Mitoku is a company in Japan that provides a lot of high… Continue reading Tofu Cabbage Pockets