Work With Me

Would you like to be able to feed your family healthy, whole food, plant-based meals, but just don’t know where to start?

Are you bored? Do you find yourself preparing the same dishes week after week?

Do your children complain when a new food or dish shows up at the table?

I am a trained plant-based chef and have worked with numerous individuals, families and children as a cooking instructor, personal chef and nanny. I am experienced in helping adults and children transition to a whole food diet. I am especially passionate about helping you and your children incorporate more vegetables into every meal.

We start with a basic assessment and look at your personal dietary and meal goals. What works well for your family? What isn’t working? What are your biggest challenges around putting a healthy meal on the table?

From there, we map out a plan, adding new recipes, jazzing up some old ones, strategizing “picky eaters” and implementing some time-saving tools and efficiency in the kitchen. If a weekly meal plan sounds good to you, we can create a few of those as well.

A typical initial visit lasts about 50 minutes. After our visit I email you a summary of your goals and next steps and any applicable support materials, including links to recipes. My goal with each visit is to help you identify a few foods or techniques to add to your rotation that are simple, easy and enjoyable. Our goal is to make changes at a pace that works for your schedule and family. You will leave our visit feeling empowered and excited about moving your child and family even further down a path of health.

You set the pace of frequency of contact with me. Every family is different. In general, younger children tend to adapt more quickly to dietary changes than older ones. We will work together to discover the best ways to encourage your children to enjoy a wide variety of whole foods. With each subsequent visit, we build on what we discussed the visit before, gaining insight from the strategies and recipes that are working and the ones that aren’t. I have an endless supply of ideas. It’s all about finding which specific strategies work well for you and your family.

Visits start at $120 for the first 50 minute initial visit, including additional support materials and email follow-up. Subsequent visits are 30 minutes long and cost $60. I am available in person in Bellingham, WA and by phone or Skype. I am also available for email consultations. Contact me to schedule.

In Bellingham, I provide personal chef services, individual cooking instruction and group classes in addition to meeting with clients. My personal chef rates start at $35 per hour. If you are interested in personal cooking instruction or group cooking classes, in person or online, please contact me for more information.

I look forward to working with you!
Warm wishes,