It can be hard to provide variety in children’s packed  lunches. A lot of items that are loved at home, especially those of the saucy variety don’t pack well for school. Plus, some foods just aren’t as delicious at room temperature and it can be a little too fussy to send a thermos. Hooray for those of you sending hot food!!

Another factor is that many children in school aren’t given enough time to eat. I know children, particularly those eating whole foods, who typically need 20-30 minutes to finish their meal. I have talked to parents who say their child has 10 minutes for lunch and that they are rushed to finish. If a child is going to get enough sustenance from their meal, they need more time. However, making their lunch easy to eat can really help.

I have found that foods in packed lunches need to be easy for the child to grab and eat and appealing enough that they will eat efficiently and get a decent lunch before the time is over.

I spend a lot of time making little rolls and pockets, particularly with nori. It’s a great way to throw some extra vegetables into a very appealing shape.

Earlier this week, we had some leftover noodles and cooked carrots, collard greens and broccoli. So, I re-imagined them into these cute little nori noodles rolls. Lena loved them.

Noodle Rolls

Lay the nori down on your sushi mat. Lay the noodles horizontally across the side closest to you. Use as many noodles as you want. The more noodles, the wider the roll when you roll it up. Add leftover vegetables in a row the same as when making regular nori rolls. Try to get it to be an even amount all down the length of the nori. Then, begin rolling starting with the end closest to you. Make sure you roll tight to pack the noodles in. If it looks like there will be a lot of excess nori, you can cut the excess off before putting a little water on the end and sealing it. With a sharp knife, cut the rolls into 3/4″ to 1″ thick circles.

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