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Lena’s Lunchbox 7: Noodle Rolls

It can be hard to provide variety in children's packed  lunches. A lot of items that are loved at home, especially those of the saucy variety don't pack well for school. Plus, some foods just aren't as delicious at room temperature and it can be a little too fussy to send a thermos. Hooray for… Continue reading Lena’s Lunchbox 7: Noodle Rolls

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Lena’s Lunchbox 6

Lena will be four-years-old  in a few weeks. An exciting thing she has learned recently is how to make her own nori rolls. Her favorite filling is rice and avocado, but we were out of avocado this week, so she got creative. These nori rolls are filled with pressure cooked brown rice, steamed kale and currants. Yum!… Continue reading Lena’s Lunchbox 6

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Stars and Hearts: Food Shapes

Sometimes a whole lot of fun can be had with very little financial investment. Last week I bought these two cute little food cutters for one dollar. I found them in a local store that sells Asian items. I first saw similar ones at a friend's house last fall. We were cooking together, preparing a… Continue reading Stars and Hearts: Food Shapes

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Lena’s Lunchbox 5

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful New Year so far. Here are a few more ideas from Lena's Lunchbox. . Lunch 1 Pressure Cooked Brown Rice with pan toasted pumpkin seeds Savory Baked Tempeh Oil sautéed carrot matchsticks green peas in pod     Lunch 2 Brown Rice Balls Sautéed Garbanzo Beans edamame pods Lightly… Continue reading Lena’s Lunchbox 5

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Lena’s Lunchbox 4

Here is another peek into lunches I make for Lena. It's always a surprise to see what gets eaten and what gets left. I get a small glimpse into what her body is feeling like it needs. One day she ate all the blanched cabbage and left everything else. Interesting, right? Lena also takes her… Continue reading Lena’s Lunchbox 4