Lena’s Lunchbox 3 – Vegan MoFo

I hope you are enjoying these peeks into Lena’s lunches. I know sometimes we can get into lunchbox ruts and even one new idea can help.


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Lena’s Lunchbox 2- Vegan MoFo

A few posts ago, I talked about Lena, my Vegetable Lover of the Month. Here are two more of Lena’s school lunches from the past few weeks:

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Vegan MoFo 2013: Lena’s Lunchbox

Several days a week I cook for a 3-year old girl named Lena and her family. I love making her lunches because I get to put things into small sectioned containers. It’s like a little present when she opens it at preschool. She mostly likes things she can pick up with her fingers, but now that we have this container that keeps everything separate, it’s easy for her to eat grains and bean salads, too. Continue reading

Vegan MoFo 2013 and Lena-Vegetable Lover of the Month

I have decided to join the ranks of hundreds of other vegan bloggers for a month packed full of writing, vegan deliciousness and more writing. It’s called Vegan MoFo and you have landed right at the beginning. It starts today. If you are interested in finding other participating blogs you can view the blogroll here.

During the month of September, I will be writing at least 20 posts highlighting a variety of children in my life and the vegetables and vegetable dishes they love. I will also throw in several posts with actual school lunches I make for Lena, today’s child. Maybe you will find a few new ideas to try with the children in your life. Continue reading