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Vegan MoFo 2013: Lena’s Lunchbox

Several days a week I cook for a 3-year old girl named Lena and her family. I love making her lunches because I get to put things into small sectioned containers. It’s like a little present when she opens it at preschool. She mostly likes things she can pick up with her fingers, but now that we have this container that keeps everything separate, it’s easy for her to eat grains and bean salads, too.


In this lunch:

  • Cooked quinoa with baked sweet potato and currants smashed in. I added the sweet potato to leftover quinoa so it would clump and be easier for her to eat at school without it getting all over everything. Add a drop of shoyu or brown rice vinegar if you think your child needs a little more flavor.
  • Cannelini beans
  • Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage
  • Blanched Carrot Moons


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