A few posts ago, I talked about Lena, my Vegetable Lover of the Month. Here are two more of Lena’s school lunches from the past few weeks:

Lunch #1:

  • Whole grain tortilla (I like the Ezekial brand) with smashed white beans and baked yam. After filling, heat a skillet with a bit of oil and warm the tortilla on both sides to soften. Then cut in smaller shapes for little hands to manage.
  • A few rounds of field roast sausage. Give a moderate amount, it’s got a high salt content. They are GMO-free and look like they are in the process of getting Non-GMO Project Verified. One of these days I will make my own so I can reduce the salt, but for now it’s store-bought.
  • Cubed steamed carrot
  • Blanched kale

Lunch #2

  • Nori Rolls with baked yam and a little sauerkraut inside.
  • Garbanzo bean spread with ground pumpkin seeds.
  • Blanched carrots and green beans.
  • Blanched kale. Lena likes to use the kale to pick up the spread and eats it that way. She also makes little carrot sandwiches with the spread tucked inside.

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What vegetables do you like adding to your child’s lunches?