Sometimes a whole lot of fun can be had with very little financial investment. Last week I bought these two cute little food cutters for one dollar. I found them in a local store that sells Asian items.

I first saw similar ones at a friend’s house last fall. We were cooking together, preparing a meal for guests. She brought out some little vegetable cutters and suggested I cut some of the soup vegetables into fun shapes. My friend had a variety of sizes to choose from. The ones in this photo are mine and are a little less than 2 inches across.

One thing I really like about these is that they are longer than traditional cookie cutters. This means you can cut a variety of thicknesses and they are really easy to use in little toddler hands.

These food cutters are the only ones I have found so far, but I am going to keep looking so I can put together a collection. The shapes are a perfect size for Lena’s lunchbox. We have also been using them for play dough, polenta, fruit kanten, cooked and uncooked vegetable rounds and cooked pancakes. Have fun!!

Love, Teresa