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Lena’s Lunchbox 5

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful New Year so far. Here are a few more ideas from Lena’s Lunchbox. .


Lunch 1




Lunch 2



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5 thoughts on “Lena’s Lunchbox 5

  1. Too cute!! How old is Lena!? I just came across your blog- I’m doing a research paper on adopting a vegan diet in early childhood and am having trouble finding any recent research on the topic!

    1. Lena is 3 1/2 years old and her brother is 8 months. They’re not vegan, though. Well, he is so far. 🙂 I take care of them three days per week and cook vegan food for her and her family.
      Good luck with your research. The only information I think I have is anecdotal.

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