Rice Balls with Nori and The Virtual Vegan Potluck

We are experiencing a string of REALLY nice weather here in Seattle. The kind that makes me want to eat every meal outside, nap outside and basically hang out and never head back inside. These pack and go rice balls are a sure thing.

Before we go any further, I want to invite you to The Virtual Vegan Potluck tomorrow May 11. Over 150 bloggers will link up, contributing vegan recipes from appetizers to desserts! It’s a feast. I will be contributing my creamy broccoli soup over at sweetveg. The potluck starts at Vegan Bloggers Unite. It’s a super exciting and fun event. Please join us. If you miss the event, don’t worry. These are all blog posts, so you can still peruse them at a later date.


I like to make these rice balls with leftover pressure cooked rice because it packs into a ball nicely. They are healthy, travel well and children seem to like them, which is not always easy to find. At least the children I have encountered.  Continue reading