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Strawberry and Tangerine Kanten

When Warren Kramer was in Seattle a little more than a week ago, he used tangerines in several recipes. They were such a colorful, sweet addition that I have decided to share the fun with you. Kanten is another term for agar which is used to thicken the juice in this recipe. Agar is derived… Continue reading Strawberry and Tangerine Kanten

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Rice Balls with Nori

We are experiencing a string of REALLY nice weather here in Seattle. The kind that makes me want to eat every meal outside, nap outside and basically hang out and never head back inside. These pack and go rice balls are a sure thing. I like to make these rice balls with leftover pressure cooked… Continue reading Rice Balls with Nori

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Nori Rolls and Hand Rolls

I love the meals that are easy to personalize for various family members. Nori rolls, burritos and fresh salad rolls all fall under this category. In families with older children you can bring all the ingredients to the table and everyone can make their own. This is great for those nights when you have to… Continue reading Nori Rolls and Hand Rolls