Yummy, Gooey Mochi Sauce

My friend Jen came over to cook with me last week. We have both been needing some richness to help us feel more satisfied with our meals. In my last post, I talked about how children need this richness, too. I think this recipe is a great one to add to your list of super simple sauces. Continue reading

Beet Ketchup

I wrote this recipe over three years ago for a cooking class. I had recently been spending time with a child who would eat anything as long as I put ketchup on it. I am sure some of you know one or two of these!

Sometimes you can use a food a child already loves to help them try a new food. This child would eat any whole grain, and a fair amount of vegetables, as long as it had ketchup. However, ketchup is usually loaded with sugar. I developed this recipe at the last minute for the class both to introduce a new vegetable and to reduce the added sugar, but had never tested it on an actual child. Just on myself.

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Roasted Vegetable Spread with Miso

Most of my cooking is intuitive, but when I need some inspiration I am very predictable. I usually go to one of my two favorite cookbooks. This recipe is inspired by one in The Modern Vegetarian Kitchen by Peter Berley.

I have made quite a few changes to the recipe, but the idea is the same. Roast a bunch of root vegetables then add some miso while pureeing. Berley’s recipe has button mushrooms added. Some children love mushrooms, others don’t. The mushrooms do hide somewhat in the recipe, so it’s worth a try if you have a child on the fence. For this version, I left the mushrooms out and added quite a few sweet vegetables. I was in the mood. Continue reading

Sweet Vegetable Jam Recipe

The sweetness that comes from good quality vegetables is much more balancing and nourishing for our bodies and more stabilizing for blood sugar than refined sweeteners and fruit. This recipe is for a slow cooked and pureed vegetable spread that can be used as a vegetable alternative to fruit spreads. I love it on steamed bread and morning porridge and I am sure you will find many different uses. When you first try it, don’t expect it to taste like traditional jam. Find ways to incorporate it into your diet and let it do its magic.

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