Polenta “Pancakes” with Sauteed Apple Pear Compote

A few years ago, I traveled to help prepare meals with Jane Stanchich for a week long workshop with her and Lino Stanchich at Great Life Global. One of the mornings, we made polenta pancakes similar to these. It was such a fun idea and a perfect example of using whole foods to re-create something we love as a healthier version. I especially love when I can replace flour with something less refined and still satisfy a craving, such as the one I frequently have for more traditional pancakes. Continue reading

Two Winter Squash Recipes from Rosalie

Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Pudding

Yum!! I don’t usually do a post straight from another blog, but when Rosalie of The Joyful Pantry posted this super fun and delicious recipe for Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Pudding about a month ago, I knew it was a winner, both for me and possibly every child I have ever cooked for. I love those recipes that are healthy enough for breakfast and can also double as dessert!

First, I tried it her way for my teen friend Emily. I think I tried the pumpkin pudding version, but both versions are very similar. The only thing I changed was to replace the agave nectar with maple syrup. Plus I used thick rolled oats. I fell in love with it.IMG_20121130_142635

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Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce

Strawberries and rhubarb. Tomatoes and basil. Peaches and blueberries. Great examples of things growing in the same season and complimenting each other. Adjust the sweetness in this recipe to make it either sweet or sour depending on your family. We like it on the sour side. Spoon it over morning grains, lemon pudding, pancakes and soft polenta.

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Mochi Waffles

Traditionally, mochi is made by pounding cooked brown rice until all the individual grains are broken down into a sticky paste. Then, it is eaten fresh or dried into cakes for later use. When I first learned to make mochi waffles, I was taught to grate the hard, dried mochi and spread the flakes onto the waffle iron. The mochi is very hard and this was tedious business. Then one day a friend showed me how to use slices of mochi. Wow! Now these are the easiest waffles ever! Continue reading