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Two Winter Squash Recipes from Rosalie

Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Pudding Yum!! I don't usually do a post straight from another blog, but when Rosalie of The Joyful Pantry posted this super fun and delicious recipe for Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Pudding about a month ago, I knew it was a winner, both for me and possibly every child I have ever cooked… Continue reading Two Winter Squash Recipes from Rosalie

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Simple Baked Burritos

I am sure most of you have a version of this baked burrito recipe. This is just to serve as a reminder. I recently unearthed it from my college potluck days so that I could feed two teens. Of course, they loved it. Baked burritos are super easy, it just takes a little time getting… Continue reading Simple Baked Burritos

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Sweet Potato Pie with Oat Pecan Crust

When I first had the idea for this sweet potato pie, I was trying to create a dessert that I could eat at Thanksgiving that would be good enough to keep me away from the more traditional desserts, but without sending my blood sugar spiraling. I thought it would just be a plain kind of… Continue reading Sweet Potato Pie with Oat Pecan Crust

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Vegan Potato Leek Soup

I just started cooking again for two 16 year old teenagers, a boy and a girl, and their family.¬†One of the first requests that came in from the girl was for potato leek soup. These children aren't vegan. I had a feeling that my idea of potato leek soup might be a little different from… Continue reading Vegan Potato Leek Soup