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Vegan MoFo 2013 – Emily’s Favorite Vegetable Dishes

Today you get to meet 17-year old Emily, one of my very favorite people of all time. I have known her since she was 12 days old and love her more each day. A little about Emily: ¬†She likes to read, play music and spend time with friends. She also told me she just generally… Continue reading Vegan MoFo 2013 – Emily’s Favorite Vegetable Dishes

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Green Pea Boats

I know this is a bit out of season for some of you, but I live in the Pacific Northwest. We still have green peas even though it's August. I was going to wait to post this until next Spring, but couldn't resist, especially because I know I have some Seattleites who will be reading… Continue reading Green Pea Boats

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Strawberry Mochi “Shortcake”

One of the things I love about fresh berries is that they add an element of playfulness and delight to almost everything. We have eaten this combination of fried mochi, almond amasake and sliced strawberries every day for a few days. It's a really simple and cute dessert that tastes like summer. I am looking… Continue reading Strawberry Mochi “Shortcake”

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Rice Balls with Nori

We are experiencing a string of REALLY nice weather here in Seattle. The kind that makes me want to eat every meal outside, nap outside and basically hang out and never head back inside. These pack and go rice balls are a sure thing. I like to make these rice balls with leftover pressure cooked… Continue reading Rice Balls with Nori

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Millet with Sweet Vegetable Soup

I usually prepare a soup every day. Eaten at the beginning of a meal, it's a wonderful way to get our digestive juices flowing, our tummies warmed up and prepared for the rest of the meal. Millet with sweet vegetable soup can be prepared with quinoa or rice as well. Use any of the sweet… Continue reading Millet with Sweet Vegetable Soup