Green Pea Boats

I know this is a bit out of season for some of you, but I live in the Pacific Northwest. We still have green peas even though it’s August. I was going to wait to post this until next Spring, but couldn’t resist, especially because I know I have some Seattleites who will be reading this.IMG_20130801_151656

Thick round edible pod green peas arrived at my local natural foods store recently. I looked them over and passed them by because I thought they looked kind of old and for sure they were too big and plump to be tender. I was completely wrong. Continue reading

Collard Green Roll-Ups

Some of you may be a little skeptical that children could like collard greens wrapped around a filling. I admit that I was a little doubtful when I made these for two sisters several years ago. I was trying to find ways for them to eat more vegetables. I am not sure how this actually came about, but one day I was eating collard wraps and then the next day they were, too. Sometimes it really is that easy.

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Quick Brussel Sprouts with Fennel

Brussel sprouts are not a vegetable that I would expect children to like, but in my experience it’s actually been mostly well received. Children are sure unpredictable. I am not sure why brussel sprouts have such a dismal reputation. I think they are pretty cute and mighty tasty. Choose brussel sprouts that are either still attached to the stem or that look pretty fresh at the spot where they were cut from the stem.

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Pumpkin Seed Rice Balls and Tahini Sauce

This simplified version of traditional rice balls are perfect for meals on the go and little fingers. It’s pretty easy to make extra rice for dinner and form some into rice balls for school lunches the next day. An extra treat is to hide something tasty in the center, like a tiny square of Savory Baked Tempeh, chunk of soft steamed carrot or piece of pickle.

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Cucumber Salad

I have found cucumber to be hit and miss with some children. Leave the skin on? Take the skin off? Sometimes it can make a big difference to them.

For this recipe, I have cut the cucumber into thin rounds, but try any shape you think they are most likely to eat.¬†For example, one child I know will eat the peel on cucumber cubes, but not slices. Who knows why these things make such a difference, but so often with children, it’s the texture that gets in the way of enjoying a particular food. Continue reading