Battered Apple Rings – Vegan MoFo

I am going to switch gears halfway through our month of Vegan MoFo. From here on out I am going to provide you with an assortment of easy desserts using minimally refined sweeteners, starting with this gem:  Battered Apple Rings.IMG_20130915_121736

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Sweet Vegetable Saute with Fried Tempeh – Vegan MoFo

Late Summer and Autumn is the perfect time for a sweet root vegetable dish. Adding fried tempeh is a great way to give your children some hearty and satisfying vegan protein in a way that is both strengthening and energizing for their active lives.

I originally made this dish for a friend who needs strengthening food that is easy on her digestive system. The moment I finished it, though, I knew it would be a hit with a younger crowd as well.IMG_20130912_125427

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Broccoli Black Beans – Vegan MoFo

If your child loves beans, they can be a great base for more vegetables. Pinto beans with carrot and onion. Aduki Beans with Squash and Kombu. White beans with greens. These are some of our favorites.

This was not my idea to add broccoli to black beans. It was my friend, Betsy’s. She once told me it was the only way her son would eat broccoli. Continue reading

Healthy Child-Friendly Seattle Restaurants – Vegan MoFo

Here are a few guidelines I use when taking any child to a restaurant to eat. They are also guidelines I try to use for myself.

1.  Avoid restaurants where they give you a basket of bread, crackers or tortilla chips as soon as you are seated. Alternatively, just tell the waitstaff you don’t even want it brought to the table. Choose vegetable appetizers or bring healthy options from home if your child will be hungry before the meal comes. Continue reading

Lena’s Lunchbox 2- Vegan MoFo

A few posts ago, I talked about Lena, my Vegetable Lover of the Month. Here are two more of Lena’s school lunches from the past few weeks:

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