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Green Pea Boats

I know this is a bit out of season for some of you, but I live in the Pacific Northwest. We still have green peas even though it's August. I was going to wait to post this until next Spring, but couldn't resist, especially because I know I have some Seattleites who will be reading… Continue reading Green Pea Boats

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Children and Vegetables

I believe humans are wired to love a variety of whole foods and vegetables. This includes children, from the moment they are born. This is a belief that is integral to my approach to helping children learn to love a variety of whole plant foods. We just would not have evolved the way we have without… Continue reading Children and Vegetables

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Sweet Potato Pie with Oat Pecan Crust

When I first had the idea for this sweet potato pie, I was trying to create a dessert that I could eat at Thanksgiving that would be good enough to keep me away from the more traditional desserts, but without sending my blood sugar spiraling. I thought it would just be a plain kind of… Continue reading Sweet Potato Pie with Oat Pecan Crust

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Nori Rolls and Hand Rolls

I love the meals that are easy to personalize for various family members. Nori rolls, burritos and fresh salad rolls all fall under this category. In families with older children you can bring all the ingredients to the table and everyone can make their own. This is great for those nights when you have to… Continue reading Nori Rolls and Hand Rolls

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Cucumber Salad

I have found cucumber to be hit and miss with some children. Leave the skin on? Take the skin off? Sometimes it can make a big difference to them. For this recipe, I have cut the cucumber into thin rounds, but try any shape you think they are most likely to eat. For example, one child… Continue reading Cucumber Salad