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Garbanzo Bean Crepes with Sauteed Vegetables

I didn’t think these would turn into crepes when I first saw the recipe over at Oh She Glows. But, that’s how they turned out for me. I was looking for a quick simple dinner item and these were a hit. I used the basic garbanzo bean flour to water ratio that Angela uses, but added… Continue reading Garbanzo Bean Crepes with Sauteed Vegetables

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Satisfying Cravings for Richness

Lena has started requesting certain things in her lunch, specifically manna bread and field roast rounds. Both foods are similar in that they give her body some richness and a chewy texture. This has caused me to rethink a bit about what I need to be providing in her meals so that she feels nourished and satisfied.… Continue reading Satisfying Cravings for Richness

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Onion, Lotus Root and Carrot Kinpira

I haven't met very many children who don't like lotus root. With its neutral flavor and fun almost-crunch, it's fairly kid-friendly if you can get them to try it. Plus, it has a super neat wagon wheel shape unlike any other vegetable I know. Some children love onions, others can't stand to be in the… Continue reading Onion, Lotus Root and Carrot Kinpira

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Lena’s Lunchbox 4

Here is another peek into lunches I make for Lena. It's always a surprise to see what gets eaten and what gets left. I get a small glimpse into what her body is feeling like it needs. One day she ate all the blanched cabbage and left everything else. Interesting, right? Lena also takes her… Continue reading Lena’s Lunchbox 4

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Colorful Roasted Vegetables with Thyme

Roasted vegetables are a great way to make a vegetable dish that caters to the preferences of the whole family. If you leave the chunks big enough, they will stay separate from each other and children can pick and choose what they want while still getting the flavors of the whole. I like to add… Continue reading Colorful Roasted Vegetables with Thyme